Al passo con gli Steins 2006

A 13-year-old boy uses his upcoming bar mitzvah to reconcile the strained relationship between his father and grandfather.

All Titles
  • US: Keeping Up with the Steins Keeping Up with the Steins
  • BR: Competindo com os Steins Competindo com os Steins
  • BG: Щурото еврейско семейство Щурото еврейско семейство
  • CA: Meilleur que les Stein Meilleur que les Stein
  • FI: Pannaan paremmaksi Pannaan paremmaksi
  • GR: Mia treli enilikiosi Mia treli enilikiosi
  • HU: Bármicvó Bármicvó
  • LT: Neatsilikti nuo Steinu Neatsilikti nuo Steinu
  • RU: Не уступить Штейнам Не уступить Штейнам
  • SE: Värsta familjen Värsta familjen
  • TR: Aileme Ragmen Aileme Ragmen
  • US: Lucky 13 Lucky 13
Directed by Scott Marshall show all movies of Scott Marshall
Artists Jami Gertz
as Joanne Fiedler
Daryl Hannah
as Sandy / Sacred
Richard Benjamin
as Rabbi Schulberg
Release date 02 Jun 2006
Genre Comedy
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