Capitan Zoom - Accademia per supereroi 2006

Former superhero Jack is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into superheroes at a private academy.

All Titles
  • Captain Zoom - Ogni squadra ha bisogno di un leader
  • US: Zoom Zoom
  • AR: Zoom y los superhéroes Zoom y los superhéroes
  • BR: Zoom - Academia de Super-Heróis Zoom - Academia de Super-Heróis
  • BG: Зуум: Академия за супергерои Зуум: Академия за супергерои
  • CA: Zoom Zoom
  • DK: Zoom - Superhelteskolen Zoom - Superhelteskolen
  • EU: Captain Zoom: Academy for Superheroes Captain Zoom: Academy for Superheroes
  • FI: Zoom: Supersankariopisto Zoom: Supersankariopisto
  • FR: Zoom - l'académie des super-héros Zoom - l'académie des super-héros
  • DE: Zoom - Akademie für Superhelden Zoom - Akademie für Superhelden
  • GR: Zoom: Akadimia gia super iroes Zoom: Akadimia gia super iroes
  • HU: Szupersuli Szupersuli
  • LT: Kapitonas Zumas Kapitonas Zumas
  • PL: Zoom: Akademia superbohaterów Zoom: Akademia superbohaterów
  • PT: Zoom Zoom
  • RO: Zoom: Academia Supereroilor Zoom: Academia Supereroilor
  • RU: Капитан Зум: Академия супергероев Капитан Зум: Академия супергероев
  • ES: Pequeños grandes héroes Pequeños grandes héroes
  • ES: El capitán Zoom y los pequeños grandes héroes El capitán Zoom y los pequeños grandes héroes
  • SE: Zoom - Skolan för superhjältar Zoom - Skolan för superhjältar
  • US: Zoom's Academy Zoom's Academy
  • US: Zoom: Academy for Superheroes Zoom: Academy for Superheroes
  • US: The Return of Zoom The Return of Zoom
Directed by Peter Hewitt
Artists Chevy Chase
as Dr. Grant
Tim Allen
as Jack Shepard / Captain Zoom
Courteney Cox
as Marsha Holloway
Release date 11 Aug 2006
Genre Action Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy Sci-Fi
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