Last Resort 2000

When a young Russian woman and her son leave Moscow to meet her fiancé, who fails to show up, she declares political asylum.

All Titles
  • Last resort - Amore senza scampo
  • UA: Last Resort Last Resort
  • FI: Viimeinen ranta Viimeinen ranta
  • FR: Transit Palace Transit Palace
  • GR: To teleftaio katafygio To teleftaio katafygio
  • HU: Az utolsó menedék Az utolsó menedék
  • PL: Ostatnie wyjscie Ostatnie wyjscie
  • PT: A Última Oportunidade A Última Oportunidade
  • RU: Последнее пристанище Последнее пристанище
  • RS: Poslednje utočište Poslednje utočište
  • ES: Last Resort Last Resort
Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski
Artists David Auker
as 2nd Council Official
Perry Benson
as Immigration Officer
Bruce Byron
as Police Officer
Release date 23 Nov 2006
Genre Drama Romance
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