The Box - C'è un regalo per te... 2009

A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don't know.

All Titles
  • The Box
  • US: The Box The Box
  • AR: La caja mortal La caja mortal
  • BR: A Caixa A Caixa
  • BG: Кутията Кутията
  • CA: La boîte La boîte
  • CL: La caja mortal La caja mortal
  • HR: Kutija Kutija
  • EE: Laegas Laegas
  • FI: Laatikko Laatikko
  • FR: The Box The Box
  • DE: The Box - Du bist das Experiment The Box - Du bist das Experiment
  • GR: To kouti To kouti
  • GR: Το Κουτί Το Κουτί
  • HU: A doboz A doboz
  • LV: Kaste Kaste
  • MX: La caja La caja
  • PL: The Box. Pulapka The Box. Pulapka
  • PT: Presente de Morte Presente de Morte
  • RO: Cutia Cutia
  • RU: Посылка Посылка
  • RS: Kutija Kutija
  • SI: Skatla Skatla
  • ES: La caja La caja
  • ES: The box The box
  • TR: Kutu Kutu
  • UA: Посилка Посилка
Directed by Richard Kelly
Artists Cameron Diaz
as Norma Lewis
Frank Langella
as Arlington Steward
William Conrad
as Himself (voice) (archive footage)
Release date 06 Nov 2009
Genre Drama Fantasy Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
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